hoping for the best, at peace with the worst (2021)

The exhibition Hoping for the best, at peace with the worst was part of a series of solo exhibitions of graduating fine art students of Icelandic University of the Arts.

The exhibition evolved around the subject of time and its relation to themes such as distopias and utopias, medetation gardens, ecocentrism, hoplessness and acceptance towards the effect of climate change.

Exhibition text:

breahing in
breathing out

smelling the warm air
listening to the stillness
tasting the ambiance

feeling the embrace of a strange and almost unsettling tranquility

touching the cold steam
leaving a mark
noticing the marks of those who were before

sharing a moment
everything stands still

the years melt together in one moment that evaporates as soon as the journey continues to the next destinations

this place holds a lot of time

we are here
and were

Untitled stick I and untitled stick II (2021) Squiggly stick and stick on a pole, both lightly treated found objects.

Stranded / stranda (2020)
Carved driftwood filled with printinglead.

Now or then (2021)
Driftwood with printinglead 

Your secret is with me (2021)
A cold mirror box that collects condensation from the space.
Guests had the chance to scribble on the surface of the box by removing the condensation. Messages and drawings were left behind that slowly disappears as new condensation was collected or as new guests arrived and made new scribbles.
detail picture of flower fossils and sound letters

Flower fossils / Blómgervingar (2021)
Ceramic flower-like figures with a metallic bronze glazing and turquoise bulb. Inspired by the ceramic works of DD World (Danielle Magee), Aëla Maï, Fanny Canel and others.

Soundletters / Hljóðstafir (2021) 
Printinglead wall sculptures resembling cryptographic notes or letters.

*The atmosphere of the exhibition was heavy, hot and humid with an earthy scent.